About us 

The Phoenix Clan 

The Phoenix Clan of Buya is one of the oldest clans.
Founded in Yuri 14-15 by our first Primogen:xDasteihlx, the clan still stands strong.

The Phoenix Clan lives by and follows Seven Virtues:

Pride Generosity, Courtesy, Courage, Responsibility, Duty, and Honor

If you find that any of these virtues fit your personality, The Phoenix Clan is right for you. A great deal of your journey into our clan will revolve around these Seven Virtues, so it is best you find them complementary!

Over the Yuri's and Hyul's, The Phoenix Clan has gone through several renovations, our hall is spacious and elegant. Our Arena can hold up to four teams. We have two crafting rooms set for every crafting specialization in nexus and our nest provides room for a wide-variety of events or large game of G'oh. For a tour ask a member or you can check out our Photo Gallery.

The Primogen of Phoenix is currently: Guerrund

List of Active Phoenix members that may sponsor you:

Shuuhei, Fayelien,Guerrund, Genica, RebelMagic, Arindale, Isabell, Myunhoo, Downer, Icymoon,

This list goes on! 
Just be sure to ask and them get to know you    

The Seven Virtues  

  By the seven virtues and laws of the Kingdom of Buya

Our Seven Virtues are the manner in which all members of Phoenix are to present themselves in the Nexus Kingdom every day. Each member of Phoenix had to show they represented these 7 virtues in order to be accepted into the Phoenix family.



Primogen History 

* Yuri 14: Clan founded by xDaSteihlx

* Yuri 14-15: First Primogen           - xDaSteihlx
* Yuri 15-21: Second Primogeness       - Wildhair
* Yuri 21-21: Quick Primo              - Thomstel
* Yuri 21-33: Third Primogeness        - Cassie
* Yuri 33-49: Fourth Primogen          - Kimpo
* Yuri 49-52: Fifth Primogeness        - Mythril
* Yuri 53-56: Sixth Primogeness        - Liatris
* Yuri 56-57: Seventh Primogen         - Araias
* Yuri 57-61: Eighth Primogeness       - TinaDragon
* Yuri 61-66: Ninth Primogen           - Vano
* Yuri 66-80: Tenth Primogeness        - Kyas 
* Yuri 80-80: Eleventh Primogen        - Guerrund
* Yuri 80-Hyul 02: Twelth Primogeness  - Kyas 
* Hyul 02-05: Thirteenth Primogen      - Vano
* Hyul 05-11: Fourteenth Primogen      - Cascade
* Hyul 11-12: Fifteenth Primogen       - Vano
* Hyul 12-24: Sixteenth Primogen       - Cascade
* Hyul 24-31: Seventeenth Primogeness  - Aubrey
* Hyul 31-32: Eighteenth Primogeness   - Kyas
* Hyul 32-35: Nineteenth Primogen      - Dinca 
* Hyul 35-37: Twentyth Primogen        - Downer
* Hyul 37-42  Twenty-first Primogeness - Leilei
* Hyul 42-    Twenty-second Primogen   - Guerrund

                                               Titles & Points

Title      Points
Level     Required     Titles
1--------600----Fire Dreamer  
2-------1100----Fire Wanderer 
3-------1800----Fire Hunter   (All crafts - Not Grove/Mine) 
4-------2700----Fire Mist      
5-------3800----Fire Weaver   
6-------5100----Fire Walker   (Use grove/mining field)
7-------6200----Fire Disciple 
8-------7500----Fire Paragon 
9-------8600----Spectral Fire 
10------10400----Fire Guardian (20% Discount from Clan Bank)
11------15000----Sacred Fire   (25% Discount from Clan Bank)
12------25000----Ravenous Fire (30% Discount from Clan Bank)
13------30000----Wild Fire     (35% Discount from Clan Bank) 
14------45000----Tribal Fire   (40% Discount from Clan Bank)
15------65000----Phoenix Fire--OR--RP Title
                                                       (50% Discount from Clan Bank) 


 How to gain points

Clan Hunt (CH) -- Participating                               100 Points
Clan Hunt (CH) -- Hosting                                        200 Points
Gathering Event (GE) -- Participating                    150 Points
Gathering Event (GE) -- Hosting                             250 Points
Clan Event (CE) -- Participating                              250 Points
Clan Event (CE) -- Co-Hosting                                 300 Points
Clan Event (CE) -- Hosting                                        500 Points
Kingdomwide Event (KWE) -- Participating           250 points
Kingdomwide Event (KWE) -- Hosting                    600 points
Path Event (M/P/R/W) -- Hosting                          400 points
Meeting Attendance                                                    300 Points
Donations                                                          See donation post 


 Seven Virtues

Our Seven Virtues are the manner in which all members of Phoenix are to present themselves in the Nexus Kingdom every day. 
Each member of Phoenix had to show they represented these 7 virtues in order to be accepted into the Phoenix family.


Principled uprightness of character. A code of integrity, dignity, and pride. All members of Phoenix pledge to bring HONOR to Phoenix, their brothers , sisters, Buya, and Princess Lasahn.

An act or a course of action that is required of one by position, social custom, law, or religion. We ask that all Kindred show their DUTY to Phoenix and Buya by being active within the Clan.

Able to make moral or rational decisions on one's own and therefore answerable for one's behavior. Able to be trusted, depended upon, and reliable. Being Phoenix Kindred brings some RESPONSIBILITY. We ask that you take an active role in the clan by participating in events, clan hunts and making time contributions towards tribute. Actions Speak Louder than Words.

The state or quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face danger, fear, or vicissitudes with self-possession, confidence, and resolution; bravery. COURAGE is not the strongest man or woman in the battle, but the one with the biggest heart who is willing to sacrifice all to help others. We ask that you show your COURAGE by defending the honor of Phoenix and Princess Lasahn. You can also show courage by helping others in the clan members in their time of need.

An act of civility or respect; an act of kindness or favor performed with politeness. All Phoenix Kindred are asked to treat others in the same manner at which they would want to be treated, not only with other Kindred but to all people in the kingdoms. Those shown to be discourteous will go through disciplinary action.

The trait of being willing to give your money or time to help others. In order to keep our clan active within the community, Phoenix is required to make monthly tributes to Princess Lasahn. We do not require tribute from our members, however we hope that you can show generosity by contributing to the clan. Ways you can show GENEROSITY is through donations to the clan, helping other clan member in their time of needs, giving of your time to others and creating events to support Phoenix and the kingdom.

A sense of one's own proper dignity or value; self-respect. We ask all Kindred to show PRIDE in Phoenix, its Kindred, and the community. You are the representatives of Phoenix to all Kingdoms. To show your PRIDE, we've made available the Phoenix Helm/Helmet available for all Kindred. These helms and helmets are bonded and non-repairable to prevent non-members from wearing armor forged from the sweat of our forefathers.


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