Law I:

Live by the seven virtues and the laws of the Kingdom of Buya.

Law II:

Law violation reporting and handling 
1) If it is something that can be corrected easily without causing an argument or disturbance, then approach the person with courtesy and ask them to correct it.
2) You may use the Justice form on the council board to report violations to a Primarch.
3) You may report any violation of the laws of Buya and of nexus by using the Justice board by the west gate.

The rest of the laws are available on the Primogen's board upon entry into the clan. Most basically re-affirm kingdom laws and the seven virtues.

In addition, killing kin in PK areas without permission or agreement to a duel is forbidden
except in carnage type events where you to  are honor-bound to defeat your opponent as efficiently as possible.

    Law III :
  Chain of Commands

If you have a fight, dispute, or other problem with another Phoenix Member that you cannot resolve yourself, you should go to the following people in the following order. 

||  First  - Primarch  ||
||  Second - Primogen  ||

          While you are encouraged to handle disputes in the clan, 
you may post on the justice board if you feel it is warranted.  

Law IV:
Clan Hall Laws

  - Group is to remain OFF while in areas where
    approach works
  - Keep floor decorating to a minimum
  - Do not pick items up that are not yours
  - Do not leave items on the floor for a long time
  - NO Gambling within the Phoenix Hall [Take it outside]
  - Follow the chain of command (see law III)
    whenever possible

.:Fines for Leaving Group On In Summon Areas:.
  - 1st Offense: 1,000 coin fine
  - 2nd Offense: 5,000 coin fine
  - 3rd Offense: 10,000 coin fine
  - 4th Offense: 20,000 coin fine
  - 5th Offense: Phoenix Status Trial w/ Arbitor
  + Fines will not be assessed for people who are grouped
    with another clan member for summoning or meeting
 + Fines and punishments can be greater for extreme cases
    such as being afk with group on leading to a person
    entering the hall without permission).

.:Guest Rules:.
  - Guests MUST adhere to all Phoenix Rules
  - You are Responsible for your Guest
  - If your Guest misbehaves You can be punished
  - Remain w/ Guests using Crafting Rooms at ALL Times
  - If you leave they leave

.:Punishments depend on the severity of the offense:.
  - Written or Verbal warning
  - Removal of Personal title and/or points
  - Removal from the clan
  - Fine 

Law V
   The Crafting Room.

   The Crafting Room is a great privilege and should be
   respected as such. In this room, kin are allowed to 
   craft an assortment of items for skills and deposit/
   withdraw these items from the nearby bank [the large
   Phoenix is for the benefit for kin due to the easy
   access!]. Also while in this room, certain rules
   should be followed to avoid minor or severe punishment.
   Remember that all hopefuls/fledglings are restricted
   from crafting.

*  When working in the Crafting Room please do not drop
   and leave items on the floor when finished crafting.
   If items must be dropped for any reason be sure to 
   clean them up as soon as you are finished. These items
   also, by no means, should be left outside the Crafting

*  No hopeful's are allowed to use the crafting room.

*  Those who may like to sleep in the quietness that may
   be sought from this room are NOT permitted on the tiles or
   tables. Any significant other [Blood brother/sister or
   wife/husband] are not allowed in the Crafting room 
   unless you have reached the appropriate level please
   speak with your Path Leader for any information on this.

*  If any of these rules are broken punishment will soon
   follow! All offenses differ based on the severity and 
   repetition of a broken rule. The issue will be addressed 
   with one of the following: 

    * Written or Verbal warning
      * Removal of personal title and/or points
        * A fine/fines
      * Removal from the Clan

Law VI:
Pk & Non PK

I. Carnages, Bloodlusts, and other carnage-type events:

  a) Follow the rules of the carnage.
     Clan pk law will not interfere.
  b) You are still subject to all normal
     kingdom laws and clan laws including
     those against harassment and requiring

II. Clan arena, Sire pit, Chonsa, Barbarian cave, 
   and all other pk arenas not associated an event.

  a) Do not kill kin unless in an agreed 
     upon battle/duel

  b) Do not assist others killing kin.

  c) If attacked in violation of this rule,
     do not retaliate. Make a screenshot and
     report it.

  d) You are still subject to all normal kingdom
     laws and clan laws including those against

III. Vale

  a) Same as other pk areas not associated with 
     an event except that killing people who are
     clearly enroute to complete a minor quest or
     make use of a vale hunting area is prohibited.

Non PK

   KIN MURDER is defined as:
     Intentionally or recklessly causing the death of a
                  kin in a non-PK area.

     In most cases, KIN MURDER will lead to exile and
     restriction from entering the hall in the future.

   Law VII

       .:General Offenses:.

          Profanity as applies to Nexus law 
     Abuse of clan board
      Abuse on clan chat
     Summoning an exiled clan member into our hall
      Use of facilities not yet earned by title level

     .:Punishments depend on severity of the crime:.

     Written or Verbal warning 
   Removal of personal titles and/or points
    Cash fines
    Removal from the clan
  Ban from visiting the clan or attending clan events)

   .:Disrespect & Harassment:.
       Harassment of Council or Kin
  Harassment of citizens within ANY kingdom of Nexus
    Disrespect of Council Members
      Disrespect of kin
   Arguing with a Council member or kin
 .:Punishments depend on severity of the crime:.

      Written or verbal warning
  A formal apology to the victim
 Removal of personal titles and/or points 
   Cash fines
    Removal  from the clan
 Ban from visiting the clan or attending clan events

     .:Other Offenses Punishable by 
     Immediate Removal from clan:.

 Theft of ANY kind
  Kin Murder

     Selling Non-bonded Clan helm

  Refusing to cooperate with Arbitor, Primarch or
      Primogen or Arbitor while they conduct a reasonable
  investigation of a complaint

   Posting about clan matters on Comm or any other
non Phoenix board

       Getting Jailed

   Autoing/Macroing -- Archons will also be called

   Publicly denouncing or demeaning the clan, it's kin, 
         Buya, or the Princess.


Kindred Code of Conduct

You may not beg for money, assistance, leveling or items.  You may ask once then stop for the day (24 hour period).  It is annoying and humiliating to see kindred begging.  Never beg in sage.  Asking for a hunt is fine.

Examples of breaking this law:

"Can someone level me?"

"I need ##### coins, can someone give/loan me?"

"Does anyone have a <item> I can have?"

Examples of Good choices:

"Anyone want to hunt?"

"What is a good way for me to make money?"

"How do I get <item>?"

Notice the begging in the first instances where someone is asking for someone else to do everything for them.  The second instances are of someone asking for help without begging because they are not asking for someone to do things for them, but asking for them to give information so that they can help themselves. 

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