-=- The Phoenix Clan of Buya -=-
  Applicants Division

  Greetings Phoenix Aspirant,

The Phoenix Clan of Buya is happy to acknowledge your interest on joining our ranks, please fill this application and forward it to the Head of Application's.

             Head of Apps:   Genica           


Pre Requisites:

-You Must be Buyan or planning to move to Buya.
-You Must be level 50 or higher AND registered!
-You Must have lived at least 1 Yuri/Hyul on this character.
-You Must have your character's Legend avaiable on the user page. (Please make sure it is there so we can see it, want to make sure we're adding people who are right for Buya and for the clan.  To edit your preferences. Hit F1 Key)

                 *** No Jail markings ***



What is your time zone?
(This is helpful to assign you a guide)
Path or Subpath:
Please list your alts (alternate characters):
Were you a member of another clan?
If so, why did you leave?
Past positions in clans, subpaths or community positions:
(You are allowed to list positions you have upheld with <b>different characters)

Why do you wish to join the Phoenix clan?
What makes it different from the other clans in the Kingdoms?
What can you provide the clan?
What do you expect the clan to provide for you?
What are your goals and plans for the future?
What is the difference between 'Clan' and 'Family'?
The Clan expects "Active Kindreds", what do you think one
"Active Kindred" is?
Would you be one? (Active Kindred)
Define yourself and your beliefs in three words:

      Here list the name of at least two sponsors:
           (Two Kindred of the Phoenix Clan)


Your application will not even be considered without 2 <b>sponsors, so please make sure you have them!

Please forward this application to: Genica


The Phoenix clan was founded on Yuri 14, and since then, each of our members have contributed greatly to make our family and community a better place. We will be happy to welcome you with open arms as long as you have the Phoenix spirit within you. 

Thank you for your interest,

   Primogen Guerrund

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