The Second Annual Of The Love Festival
Presented by the Buyan Imperial Minstry
Here are some of our Lovely Pictures of Our Phoenix Pride
And Participation in this wonderful Event. 

February 2009

 February 21st, 2009
Buyan Imperial host the Second Annual Festival of Romance
Here is our Phoenix Booth. We hosted A Connect Four Tournament.

First round
Outtotime vs Shuuhei - Outtotime - 20k + Titanium lance
Rifter vs Shoe       - Rifter    - 20k
Pishi vs Guey        - Pishi     - 20k + Tuna Fish Wand
Guey vs NightKingII  - Guey      - 20k + Moonblade
Modocon vs MikaelSF  - Modocon   - 20k + Sunrise Fan
Culturetheif vs NIghtkingII- NKII- 20k + Sunrise Fan
Shhuhei vs Sakuti    - Shuuhei   -  Dragon Fan
MilliPoet vs Kenai   - Kenai     -  Dargon Fan
Second round
Modocon vs NightKingII - Modocon - Cupid Wing Package
Rifter vs Shuuhei      - Rifter  - Cupid Wing Package
Guey Vs Kenai          - Guey    - Winged Mantle Package
Pishi vs Outootime     - Outtotime- Cupid Wing Package
Semi Finals
Modocon vs Guey      - Modocon - Spike
Rifter vs Outtotime  - Rfiter  - Surge
Modocon Vs Rifter     - Modocon - His Valentines PJs

Host: Fayelien
CO Host: Kingkhai
Helpers: Kyas, Lien, Fawkes, Guerrund, Tonan
Participants: Shuuhei, CultureTheif (Hopeful), MilliPoet
Council Bank prizes and Approval: Kyas
Donations - Kyas Donated 3 cupid wing packages
                                 - Guerrund Donated 1 Winged mantle package
                                                                          1 His valentine Day package

Day 2 of the Festival.
Here is Shuuhei hosting a Roll Races


Prizes: 160k Frozen spear, Cursed blade, mythic sabre, Ilbon vest, Tuna wizard wand
Donations: GengusKhai
Star staff, wicked staff, tit lance, Death's Head

 GengusKhai and Fayelien Hosting
 Dancing Hearts Event



 And with all the fun and games over with
We have our ending Ceremony with the appearance of our lovely Princess Lasahn.

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